People, Planet and Profits!

Murali July 16, 2009

Apple enthusiast. Music Lover. Travel Freak. Crazy ideas guy. Tries to put them into action too. Hate droning work/droning on work/becoming a drone for/due to work!, have a very effective alter-ego (Mr. Procrastination) then. Also love cartoons (print n motion), imitations, weekends, days near the weekends, days far from the weekends. Only hate the days just after the weekends, why can’t we skip them? A bit of a good guy streak somewhere inside, but don’t bet on him, can be very shy at times. Loves twitter, feels brevity is a god-send gift, but can be detailing at times.

I started blogging after talking to Prashant Narang from TATSAT, “The Socially Conscious Store”, New Delhi. I used to blog earlier, much earlier when men were still cavemen and women were,. wellll, women. This was that earlier blog, which I stopped posting on as I was a bit ashamed of myself for writing it! I request you: “Please don’t go through it!!”.

I like to discuss with people about Consumerism, the environmental impact of our actions. This does not necessarily mean that I am an environmentalist, I like to see my contribution as bits-and-pieces as I tend to understand and connect to the basic human nature that is most harmful to the environment, “Laziness”. I guess many of us do. So, I also like to talk about topics surrounding business, the social impact of business and consumerism which nearly covers about the whole of the material world. I like to think about the spiritual realm beyond, but I can be a very hesitant person to write about them.

Live and let live is the policy I believe in.

I will also be providing updates about what is new at Tatsat every now and then and the PR policies they are employing as I already told you, I am supportive of their cause. I will keep on providing links to their latest works like this and this and oh-my-god this too.

If you have any suggestions or queries regarding Tatsat, you can either put in a mail to tatsat297@gmail.com or else ask me. But I am the longer route enlightenment in most of the cases, but I promise I will try to answer all of your queries or make prashant do so or else discuss with you untill you are happy that it has metamorphooo(forgive my spellings!) into a suggestion. Because a store like Tatsat which is trying to create awareness about Responsible Consumerism can do with all the help it can get!

As they said to me:

Though the issues and the discussions here might be wide-ranging, we intend to have them with an Indian Context. We would love to take in your suggestions through these discussions to chart our own Growth objectives.

Educating people about Responsible Consumerism is one of our main foundations for establishing this blog. Please feel free to write in your views to the above mail address and we would like to publish these with a frequency dependoing on the mails we get.

Let us build a responsible India and a responsible World together!

So go ahead read my posts……Bon Apetit!


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