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Why Limericks? July 25, 2009

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Limericks have always fascinated me
So small yet very funny they can be
Make no sense mostly
Reason I like them partly
Thats why Limericks always fascinate me!

Prosody or Propreity, Limerick broke them all,
the nonsense verse by edward lear became popular,
the verse is indeed nonsense
that is the very reason for its dearness
Propreity and Prosody, Limericks never cared for them all

You can write a limerick, Yes YOU CAN
All it needs is some spirit, not the ones in a can
With a pinch of spice
you can get it right
Yes, anyone can write a limerick, why? ask why not! Yes We Can

A Limerick fan I have become
I feel its wonderful n awesome
To join your group
what should i do? drink soup?
Take me in ‘coz A Limerick fan I have become!

Got bored on a saturday afternoon and penned these aweful ones down!

The last one was a request I sent to a Yahoo Group called Limericks and Haiku.

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6 Responses to “Why Limericks?”

  1. Gary Hallock Says:

    Your lines couldn’t be any worse
    It’s clear that you didn’t rehearse
    It’s odd in the meter
    & hard on the reader
    I’d pay you, but never per-verse

    Gary Hallock

    • My verse is worst, yours real good
      Need to rehearse, that’s what I should
      Gimme some time
      to correct my crime
      Ghastly it might be! but I’ll come good!

      I will practice more and rehearse
      like a gallant knight on a horse
      now is my meter right
      or should I keep up the fight
      The meter’s killing like a slow killing curse!

  2. Geistsoul13 Says:

    just wanted to return the favor for posting a comment on my blog. Thank you so much for the soundbite idea. Know I just need to figure out the HTML for it =p.

    oh and at work later today maybe i’ll try writing a limerick, keyword maybe.

  3. Adrienne Says:

    Perhaps we can reclaim and redeem the limerick to good and worthy service. I write them for many reasons; not all humorous, but none filthy or inane. They can be fun like yours, or a compact vehicle for good messages. God Bless you!

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